About time, blogging, thank you


I rarely blog about . . . blogging because it feels a  bit too “inside baseball”, plus it’s just not me.  Ditto blogging awards.  But I know that’s mostly my own quirk, and that many visitors are bloggers who might be interested in hearing about other blogs. So this is sort of a long preface to say that it’s about time I “publicly” say thank you to three truly prolific blogger friends who at one time or another have mentioned me: Carlos of 1cruzdelsur (journey through Argentina); Nia of photographyofnia (exploration of Turkey, art, and everything in between); and Janet of journalistontherun (worldwide adventures of a truly intrepid Irish gal).

I understand that there are “rules” to accepting these awards.  The first time I was nominated or something like that, I actually tried to figure out how and when these rules and awards got started, and by whom.  Geeky, yes, but hey, inquiring mind wants to know.  Then I realize that it really doesn’t matter , other than the gesture of goodwill and friendship.  In any event, I’m not really “accepting” any award and so not following any rules.  But I do want to mention four other blogs you might want to check out.  It’s an arbirtrary choice and number, as there are so many more that I enjoy.  I just figure that anyone reading this post would be more likely to click on at least one link if I list no more than a few.  In no particular order (and to my four fellow bloggers below, please no need to re-blog this or nominate me for anything).

jonsanwell.wordpress.com/blog  stunning images of Vietnam and nearby countries

mauricesapirophotography.wordpress.com  in a word. . .wow! (maybe that’s four words)

photolancaster.wordpress.com  “photography with a bit of poetry, sometimes the other way around”

lightscapesphotography.wordpress.com  the name says it all:  light + landscapes

Finally, I just want to say that I truly appreciate the friendships I’ve made through this blog, and repeat visitors, and all of you who’ve taken the time to leave comments.  I know how much time it takes even to take a quick look, because we’re all so inundated with information and images, and there’s so much amazing photography and fun stuff out there.   So, really, a big thank you.

And I can’t have a post without a photo.  Here’s one from my film camera taken late last year.

Back to Valparaiso next time.  See you soon.

4 Responses to “About time, blogging, thank you”

  1. Thanks L. for your words and good luck, the best inspiration, and a smile for you “Friend”

  2. Congratulations dear Lauren, you deserve these awards…. Thank you for your nice words and also for your nominated blogs, it is always so nice to meet with new blogger friends. Have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

  3. Thanks for the mention. Like you, I’m a bit dubious about blogging awards and suchlike, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate people’s comments and support.

  4. I wandered by and saw this post; thanks very much for the acknowledgment!

    Just yesterday my blog was nominated for another award (that’s four in more or less as many months). It’s understandable to be a bit cynical about these things primarily because of the strings that seem to be attached to them, but the point really is to pay homage to other blogs you find worthwhile by taking the time to share your sentiments with your own readers in the hopes that they’ll find something of value as well. It’s really a win-win. And you’ve more than reaffirmed the spirit of this by what you’ve done here. Thank you for that.


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